M. Pereviazko, K.O. Veres

National University of Food Technologies

Wine tourism industry in Western Europe, especially in France and Italy are much more developed than in Bulgaria. But this is not due to the quality of drinks. Geographically, Bulgaria is located in the same climate zone as Spain, France and Italy - the major wine regions of the world. Just like these countries, It is considered one of the centers of cultivation of grapes. Scientists believe that the Thracians in the territory of modern Bulgaria made first wine in Europe. Later the Greeks to find out from the Thracians secret receipt of grapes divine drink and arrogated to themselves the right of the pioneers of winemaking.

Why do people prefer wine tourism not just drink wine at home what bought in the store? First of all, people should be remembered that wine, as opposed to people do not like to travel. As experts consider, in a way it can "get sick." So before the

entertain friends by wine from faraway countries, give him a chance to "rest" at least a week.

The beauty of wine tourism is not sightseeing. Meeting people who produce this drink it is remains in the memory. Real manufacturer is in love with his work,  and talk with them is very interesting. Some aesthetes prefer to stay in the castles of winemakers, to communicate with these eminent people.

Observation of the production of wine can cause at least surprising in an untrained person. Guests can still see how the grapes are crushed underfoot in small wineries in Bulgaria. And of course, each manufacturer of any nationality and  religion has a collection of wines, which he gladly shows.

If in many wine countries (France, Cyprus, Italy, Spain) annually wine festivals, in Bulgaria until it is not. Since 2003 finally drew attention to the Wine tourism, or as it is sometimes called the "wine-tasting tourism" in many places and cities in Bulgaria! In Sofia there are places where tourist can taste the best Bulgarian wines. In some villages people tried to hold winemakers competitions which already resemble something like wine festivals in other countries.

In addition to conventional world’s sorts of wine, people can open the local wine brands during wine trip.

The most famous Bulgarian grape varieties used for wine production -  mavrud and miller. Another common variety "Gamza" (Kadarka) - very delicate and sensitive - "Gamza" translated from Arabic means "a capricious woman." A special Institute of viticulture and winemaking, which investigate and develop new varieties of Bulgarian wines are exists more than 100 years in northern Bulgaria, Pleven. Bulgarian wine forum - "Vinaria" is held in Bulgaria in early February. In April or May in Sofia held "Salon of wine." In May - Rose Holidays in Valley of the Thracian Kings give rise to sample wines from the Thracian region and the brandy (rakia) prepared from roses.

South Bulgaria is the most wineries rich region. There grows a unique grape variety - "mavrud" from which the wine of the same name. "Mavrud" - red dry, slightly tart wine with aromas of blackberries, raspberries and cherries. Wine "Cabernet Sauvignon" and "Merlot" local production everyone can try in the eastern and western part of the region. Central Bulgaria and Pomorie offers other grape variety - "Pamid." "Pamid" grows in the Balkans since the Thracian times. Used "Pamid" mainly in home winemaking, and grows in Pamidovo, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv. In the 30's was popular "karabunarskoe" wine, produced on 85% of the "Pamid" and 15% of "Mavrud".


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