19 травня 2016

The Crimean peninsula is one of wine regions, located in the south of Ukraine and washed by Black and Azov Seas. The warm climate, difficult mountainous terrain,and the diversity of soil create favorable conditions for the cultivation of different varieties of grapes. Carefully preserving the traditions of the Crimean wine, producers make red and white, young and old, dry and sweet wines, vermouth and brandy.Crimean wines are a kind of calling card of the peninsula, the world famous brand. Many people heard a lot about Crimea, first of all, due to its wines. Vineyards of Crimea occupy 31.0 thousand hawhich account 37% of total territory of vineyards in Ukraine. Grape Varieties are the richest in this region: 107 varieties, 69of which are technical and 38 are table sorts. Together they cover an area of 27.7 thousand ha. The remaining 3.3 thousand ha occupy mixed and lesser-known varieties.


  • Rkatsiteli - 43,4%
  • Aligote - 10,6%
  • SauvignonBlanc - 5,3%
  • Riesling - 5,2%
  • Cabernet Sauvignon - 4%
  • groupPinot - 3,5%
  • Cocur - 2,9%
  • Bastardo- 2,6%
  • Muscat - 2,7%
  • Merlot- 2,5%
  • Fetească Albă - 1,9%
  • Chardonnay - 1,3%
  • Saperavi  - 1%
  • other - 13,1%



Crimean wine producers:

  • "Massandra"
  • "Inkerman"
  •  "Sun Valley"
  •  "Gold beam"
  •  "Koktebel"
  •  "Magarach"
  •  "Suter"
  •  "New World”
  •  "Legend of Crimea"


The most famous wine festival in Crimea is WineFeoFest. This International wine festival was held in Feodosia from 2011 to 2013 and traditionally brought together the best wine producers of the Crimea, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Turkey and other countries. In the last 2 years the festival was not carried out. But government of Feodosia promises to make this festival in summer of 2016 and now they are searching for sponsors.


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