Winemaking in Transcarpathia

19 травня 2016

Transcarpathia... Probably, Ukraine does not have a region that could boast such a variety of treasures that fill this sunny region. Nature has created here a unique area with a special climate. That is why this region can be called ideal for winemaking though it produces only 5% of grapes in Ukraine.

The territory of Transcarpathian wine regions is divided into two zones: the Transcarpathian lowlands and Transcarpathian foothills. Lowland covers the right bank of the Tisza valley and Uzh, LatoritsaandBorzhavariver banks to an altitude of 100-120 meters above sea level. Wine regions of foothills occupy the north-eastern slopes of Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Vynohradiv and south-western part of Irshava district.

     The most famous table grapes in Transcarpathia are Muscat taiirovskyi, Pearl Saba, Irsha Oliver (gold early), Madeleine Anzhevin, Cardinal, the Queen of vineyards (Amber), Chasselas, Chaush, Muscat Hamburg, Matyas Janos, Karaburnu (Bulgarians, Afuz Ali), Moldova,Italy.

     Technical grades include Traminer rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, BastardoMagarach, Muscat Ottonel, Rhine Riesling, Riesling Italian, Forty Years of October, Leanka, Muller Thurgau, Lipovina (Gars Level), Furmint, Muscat peytskyy, Pigeons.

Isabella grape varieties include pink Delaware, Delaware White, Othello, Isabelle (Wilder).

     This abundance of different varieties of grapes justifies a large number of winery in the region. So, wine can be divided into three areas: commercial winemaking, small businesses and farms. Nowadays, to industrial manufacturers include only JV Iceberg(TM Chizay, Chateau Chizay, Wine Berry) and CJSC JV Cotnari (TM Cotnar, ViniaBereg). Small wine in private households has been spread in Transcarpathia since ancient times. Every self-respecting Transcarpathian make a vineyard in their yard or in the country to produce wine by themselves.About 150 000 tourists come to visit the wine festivals in Transcarpathia every year. Popular festivals are:

- The first and the most popular is CherveneVyno(Red Wine) Festival. It takes place in Mukachevo, one of the most fascinating towns of the region on the 14th of January (the so called Basil’s Day);

- The town of Berogovo hosts the second festival of the year – Bile Vyno (White Wine). It‘s always in spring, and this year it was held on March, 4-6th;

- SoniachnyiNapii (Sunny Drink) – festival takes place in Uzhgorod, the administrative centre of the region, on May, 1th;

-The International Wine Festival TroiandaKarpat (Carpathian Rose) takes place on the central square in the village Serednye, Uzhhorod district, this time on May, 14-15th. The festival is named after the legendary Carpathian wine TroyandaKarpat, which is produced at the winery Leanka in the village Serednye;

- Ugochans’kaLoza (Ugochans’k Vine) is the summer festival in Vynogradovo;

- ZakarpatskieBozhole (Transcarpathian Beaujolais) is the final festival of the year, the festival of new wine, taking place in Uzhgorod in autumn.


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