Winemaking in Odesa region

18 травня 2016

Odesa is a highly developed industrial region and its industry plays a significant role in the structure of economic complex of Ukraine and the southern economic region. In the region there are over 400 large and medium industrial enterprises, which represent areas of industry: from production of refined petroleum products, machinery, metallurgical production and production of finished metal products, to chemical and petrochemical industry, light industry and other spheres.

In Ukraine the largest area of grapes plantings is in Odesa region:  38.95 thousand hectares (46% of the total in Ukraine). In Odesa region there are 82 cultivated grape varieties, including 42 technical and 40 table ones. The technical grape is dominated by more than 90 % of vineyards, of which Aliquot is 16.2 %, Cabernet Sauvignon – 13.1%, Rkatsiteli – 7.4%, Odesa black – 6.0%, Merlot – 5.7%, Chardonnay – 5.3%, and Sauvignon green – 4.7%. The most common table varieties are: Moldova – 25.2 %, Early Magaracha – 10.8%, Queen of the vineyards – 5.6%, RSA Oliver – 5.5%, Arcadia – 4.7%, and Muscat amber – 4.5%.

The largest wine producers in Odesa region are Odesavinprom, Chabot and TM "Colonist".

There is a Wine Fest Bolgrad (Bolhrad Wine fest) that is held on the Central square of Bessarabian city of Bolgrad in Odesa region.

The aims of the festival are to restore traditions of winemaking, the development of the identity and culture of the region, creating an attractive climate for tourism development. Young domestic wine only produced in Bolgrad is represented on this festival.