Winemaking in Mykolaiv

19 травня 2016

Mykolaiv region is located in the south of Ukraine, in the basin of the Southern Bug Riverand borders on Odessa, Kirovograd, Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk oblasts. The Southern area is washed by the Black Sea. There are wonderful conditions for recreation and entertaining tourism in the Mykolaiv region. The sandy costs of the Black Sea coast, lakes, therapeutic mud. The most popular resorts near the Sea are Koblevo, Ochakov and Rybakovka.

Under the favorable climate conditions agriculture of this region is well developed, the main crops are grain crops, technical, melons, as well as viticulture and horticulture. According to the General statistics office, in 2015, enterprises of the region processed 44.4 thousand tons of grapes in winemaking, which accounts for almost 23% of total volume.

In the total volume of produced wine,table and sparkling wines have 43% and 37%accordingly. In the Mykolaiv region 39 grape varieties are growing, most of them are technical (32 varietiesthat cover an area of 5621.1 ha, or 94.25%). Most frequenttechnical varieties are: Aligote, which has 19.2% of the area of technical grades region, Isabelle - 10.9%, Rkatsiteli - 9.7%, Cabernet Sauvignon – 7.9%, Sauvignon – 7.7%, Riesling – 5.5%, Chardonnay – 4.4%, Fetyaska white – 4.3%.

Among table grapes more than half  of total belongs to variety called Moldova – 53.5%, others share 21.7% – Chasselas white, 16.6% – Early Magarach, 5.8% – Irsha Oliver.

The largest area of vineyards are concentrated in Ochakov (40.0%), Berezansky (25.8%), Mykolaiv (21.0%) and Voznesensky (7.1%) regions. The square of growing grapes is more than 35 hectares which are engaged in 13 households.

In 2015, in comparison with 2014, the volume of processed grape wine materials decreased by 15.2% to 44.4 thousand tons.


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